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Just like any condominium, Space Taft provides its residents with well-rounded lifestyle choices through carefully thought out amenities and facilities.

To mimic the hotel experience, residents and guests are welcomed in an air-conditioned lobby.

To minimize waiting time, there are three high-speed elevators servicing residents. For security and safety, common areas are monitored by a CCTV system, and protected by 24-hour security. Premises can only be accessed by unit owners with a digital lock system using a security key card. There is also a fully automated fire and smoke detection system, as well as standby emergency power and a water reservoir.

There is a two-level parking lot for those who opt to bring their private cars to drive to work or to school.

For last minute or emergency purchases, residents can easily run to retail stores located at the ground and mezzanine floors. An amenity deck for leisure and relaxation is also open to residents. Those who want to work out can conveniently do so through the active gym. A swimming pool is available so residents can take a quick break from the stresses of work or school at any time of the week. There is also a function hall for residents who want to throw a party or organize an event and a study hall specifically for students.

Garbage collection is centralized and each unit is ready for cable TV connection, aside from Wi-Fi.

  • Three Elevators
  • Two - Level Parking Lot
  • Amenity Deck at the 5th Floor
  • Retail Stores @ the Ground Floor and Mezzanine
  • Swimming Pool
  • Active Gym
  • Study Hall
  • Secure Premises with Security Key
  • Card for All Unit Owners
  • Wi - Fi Provision on All Floors
  • CCTV System for Common Areas and Elevator Cars
  • 24 - Hour Security
  • Fully Automated Fire and Smoke Detection System
  • Water Reservoir and Separate Fire Reserves
  • Stand - by Emergency Power
  • Centralized Garbage Collection System
  • Cable TV Provision
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